Our Start-Up Affair

Our Start-Up Affair

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Author: Sheila Kumar
Publisher: Speaking Tiger
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A romance about modern lives as lived in India’s tech capital and city of youth, Bangalore.

He opened his mouth to say something, then seemed to think the better of it. Their eyes met in the rear-view mirror and Aditi raised her well-shaped eyebrows in query.
‘I prefer start-ups,’ he said flatly.

Aditi Pillai is an entrepreneur—part-owner of the Snack Team, a food start-up. Sitting in her shared cab one day, in Bangalore’s gridlocked traffic, she suddenly notices that her cab driver is extraordinarily good-looking. Turns out he is Aditya Shenoy, owner of cab aggregator start-up Caboyea.

And so starts a whirlwind romance between Aditi and Aditya. While she negotiates deadlines, irate clients and tries to have a fun time of it, he battles big-name competitors and driver integrity, all the while trying to get out of the long shadow cast by his flamboyant—and notorious—tycoon father. But as their romance gets more and more serious, they need to start talking about the big C word—commitment.
Will this Bangalore start-up affair take off and take wings, or will it crash and burn? Weaving its way through the lanes and bylanes of Bangalore, India’s start-up capital, Our Start-up Affair is a funny, hip, romantic story that will warm every reader’s heart.

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